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Indestructible Data: How Arbitrary Data is Added to the Blockchain

Crypto Campfire Podcast

Pittsburgh Entrepreneur’s Forum Panel Moderation

Vires in Numeris Podcast

Prototyping the Blockchain Lawnmower (Code Companion #3)

Hands Off My Keys! The Basics of Offline Wallets

The Business School Guide to Cryptocurrencies

The Blockchain Lawnmower! A Tokenization Tutorial

Bitcoin Cryptography – Hashing Algorithms

Bitcoin & Beards Podcast

Recovering BCH (Sent to BTC Address)

Why You Can’t Just Brute-Force a Bitcoin Private Key

Fetching Live Balances on a Microntroller with WatchAddr (Code Companion #3)

How to Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper

Philip Kennedy – ep 241 Bitcoin Education

HD Wallets – BIPs and Terminology

Proof of Work Primer

The Science of Digital Money – Saint Vincent College 2019

Comparing Major Mining Algorithms

Bitcoin is not (Just) for Rich People

Borderless Technologies and International Relations

Common Address Encoding Formats

Cryptocurrency Security Fundamentals – BITB Meetup 2019

Beginning Bitcoin – Sending Funds From Your Wallet

BTC2019 Visualizing Proof-of-Work Algorithms with MicroProcessors

Learn Hashing, Binary, and Proof-of-Work with MicroProver (Code Companion #2)

Offline Address Generation with uBitAddr (Code Companion #1)

Token-Ize Me – The Basics of ERC20 Tokens

Beginning Bitcoin – Getting Started with Mobile Wallets

Super Segwit Scripts

Inside Ethereum Transactions

PyCon 2019 Lightning Talk BIP39 Mnemonics

Wrong Address Woes – What Happens if You Send BCH to a BTC address (and vice versa)

Full Node Friends – Understanding and Running A Fully Validating Wallet

Don’t Just Hodl, Spedn! – Cool Ways to Use Your Cryptocurrency

Understanding Address Balances for UTXO Blockchains

(Bitcoin) Script Kiddies – Understanding Basic Transaction Scripts

Intro to Cryptocurrencies – Saint Vincent College 2019

EZ-Pay – Full Node vs. SPV Wallets

What’s in Your Wallet? Understanding Private Key Control

Playing With Blocks: The Basics of Blockchain Databases (Part 2 – Blockchain for Techies)

Playing With Blocks: The Basics of Blockchain Databases (Part 1 – Blockchain for Everyone)

BIP39 Mnemonics Made Easy (Part 2 – The Tech of Bits to Backups)

BIP39 Mnemonics Made Easy (Part 1 – Backups, Simplified!)

Proof of Work, Explained (Part 2 – A Hash Bash for Techies)

Bitcoin as “Digital Gold” is Bad for Crypto Adoption

Proof of Work, Explained (Part 1 – POW for Non-Techies)