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These videos: CC-BY 4.0 License

Intro to Cryptocurrencies – Saint Vincent College 2019

A brief look at the world of cryptocurrencies for finance students at Saint Vincent College on January 28th, 2019. A big thank you to Dr. Mark Abramovic for inviting me to speak to his students in his corporate finance and derivatives classes.

EZ-Pay – Full Node vs. SPV Wallets

A technical overview of the differences between full node and SPV (simplified payment verification) wallets – how they verify funds and security/privacy concerns

What’s in Your Wallet? Understanding Private Key Control

A discussion of the different models digital currency wallets use to keep your private keys (and therefore your money!) safe.

Playing With Blocks: The Basics of Blockchain Databases (Part 2 – Blockchain for Techies)

A technical look at how blockchains are secured using proof of work and cryptographic hash “chaining”.

Playing With Blocks: The Basics of Blockchain Databases (Part 1 – Blockchain for Everyone)

What is a blockchain? Why is it so different than a regular database? What is a blockchain good for? This overview of blockchain databases will help explain the basics.

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BIP39 Mnemonics Made Easy (Part 2 – The Tech of Bits to Backups)

An in-depth look at how mnemonic backups are generated for crypto wallets using the BIP39 protocol.

NOTE: a few times I said 248 when I meant 2048, and some binary numbers are mis-written on the board. My apologies! The article and slides are correct AFAIK.

BIP39 Mnemonics Made Easy (Part 1 – Backups, Simplified!)

This video explains how the Bitcoin developers made backups easy with HD wallets and mnemonic seed phrases.

Proof of Work, Explained (Part 2 – A Hash Bash for Techies)

A technical look at proof of work algorithms used in applications such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin as “Digital Gold” is Bad for Crypto Adoption

An opinion piece discussing the view of Bitcoin as “digital gold” vs. “digital cash” – which way do you prefer to see bitcoin?

Proof of Work, Explained (Part 1 – POW for Non-Techies)

Learn about proof of work algorithms and their applications in cryptocurrencies and anti-spam. This non-technical overview will explain the basic of POW and how it is used to keep bitcoin secure.