chaintuts – Cryptocurrency Related Projects

This code: see repositories for detailed licenses. All projects use the BSD 2-clause License.

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BlockchainMower is a Proof-of-Concept for tokenized real-world assets

Python | Source | Github Mirror


PkTime demonstrates the difficulty of brute-forcing cryptographic keys with a large enough keyspace

C | Source | Github Mirror


WatchAddr fetches address balance information using an ESP microcontroller

Python | Source | Github Mirror


uBitAddr is an offline Bitcoin address generator for microcontroller platforms

C, Python | Source | Github Mirror


MicroProver helps users visualize proof-of-work algorithms on the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Python | Source | Github Mirror


MyAddrBal provides a REST API for understanding/working with current address balances

Python, React (JavaScript) | Source | Github Mirror


Coinstack is a mock interpreter for basic Bitcoin scripts

Python | Source | Github Mirror


ProofOfWorker provides a hashcash-inspired proof of work implementation for web applications

JavaScript, C, PHP | Source | Github Mirror


MnemonicGen creates BIP39-compliant seed phrases for Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash wallets

Python | Source | Github Mirror