Active & Other Code Projects

This code: see repositories for detailed licenses. All projects use the BSD 2-clause License.

This page is powered by one of my code portfolio projects, Committr! This project allows a user to pull the latest commit info from a git repository and easily display it in a web page.


HobbyStats processes generic hobby log formats and computes interesting statistics

Python | Source | Github Mirror


TrainingReference provides resistance training information via REST

Python, JavaScript; MongoDB, | Source | Github Mirror | Live Site


SingletrackStretch provides a minimalist ride tracker for Android devices

Java; Android SDK | Source | Github Mirror


ObdCmd provides a command-line utility for dumping OBDII diagnostic information

C++ | Source | Github Mirror


Daguerrotype provides a simple photo slideshow library

JavaScript | Source | Github Mirror


Committr provides the latest git commit information via a web service

C#; Mono | Source | Github Mirror