In both my professional and personal life, I have a passion for creative problem solving. Software development as a profession requires enjoying the ups and downs of building new things, from frustrating challenges to satisfying solutions. My active hobbies have their challenges too, from bringing the right gear and knowledge to pushing your body past old limits in a safe, fun way.

A big part of my life is continuous personal development, and I enjoy the process of learning and sharing knowledge with others. As a Member of Technical Staff at Pittsburgh’s Avere Systems, it’s great to work with talented engineers that push me to improve each day. Just as they have helped to mentor me, I hope to help my peers with what I’ve learned as an engineer and as a hobbyist, wherever our interests collide.

I hope to share some of my passion with the readers of this site, whether through useful code projects, (hopefully) helpful articles, or adventures beyond the coder’s cubical.