BitViewer displays the contents of a file in binary format

Checkin Outside helps outdoor enthusiasts share their whereabouts with family and friends

Coinstack is a mock interpreter for basic Bitcoin scripts

Committr provides the latest git commit information via a web service

Daguerrotype provides a simple photo slideshow library

GearGuide offers utilities that aid in mountain bike maintenance and upgrades

ListCrunch calculates statistics such as sum and average from numerical lists

MnemonicGen creates BIP39-compliant seed phrases for Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash wallets

MyAddrBal provides a REST API for understanding/working with current address balances

ObdCmd provides a command-line utility for dumping OBDII diagnostic information

Powderbase provides a flat file, single table database engine and API

ProofOfWorker provides a hashcash-inspired proof of work implementation for web applications

SearchCounter counts instances of query strings in files

SingletrackStretch provides a minimalist ride tracker for Android devices

SkiboardSelector provides a skiboard recommendation tool

TrainingReference provides resistance training information via REST