May 14, 2019
View f92722c

Update client so that the user can select BCH or BTC as the currency to load balances for

Josh McIntyre authored on 14/05/2019 02:35:04
May 6, 2019
View 3ce9d74

Update client to reflect new URL requirements for BCH balances

joshmcintyre authored on 06/05/2019 17:42:08
View 39da412

Add support for BTC address balance info via the BlockCypher API

joshmcintyre authored on 06/05/2019 17:39:22
April 18, 2019
View afb535e

Minor code documentation fixes

joshmcintyre authored on 18/04/2019 23:24:52
March 6, 2019
View 892cd03

Update with React web client information

joshmcintyre authored on 06/03/2019 20:24:29
March 3, 2019
View 91a50b4

Merge branch 'development' of into development

joshmcintyre authored on 03/03/2019 14:53:42
View bd001b7

Ensure that balances are only shown down to the satoshi (8 decimal places)

joshmcintyre authored on 03/03/2019 14:52:55
February 24, 2019
View f9a081c

Add a React.js based web client for viewing address information pulled from the API

Josh McIntyre authored on 24/02/2019 18:52:34
View 819a872

Fix hard-coded address in GET and add basic error handling if no address is specified

joshmcintyre authored on 24/02/2019 16:51:34
February 23, 2019
View 10383ad

Initial release

joshmcintyre authored on 23/02/2019 02:06:27