September 5, 2018
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Add System.exit(0) call to back button handler after finish so that the application completely exits when the user quits.

Josh McIntyre authored on 05/09/2018 02:09:43
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Update AndroidManifest.xml so that the main activity does not keep history in the activity stack.

Josh McIntyre authored on 05/09/2018 00:23:47
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Update more build files that Android Studio auto-updates. It's best to keep these build changes separate from changes to the application's implementation files

Josh McIntyre authored on 05/09/2018 00:21:52
August 29, 2018
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Fix bug that caused distance tracking to be reset if the Activity's onCreate method was re-fired

Josh McIntyre authored on 29/08/2018 02:49:48
June 9, 2018
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Add a confirmation dialog when the user presses the back button so they cannot quit accidentally

Josh McIntyre authored on 09/06/2018 01:22:36
October 25, 2017
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Improve documentation for cleaner whitespace and remove unnecessary method signature information

Josh McIntyre authored on 25/10/2017 01:49:55
May 15, 2017
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Set API from 19-24 and handle permissions for APIs 23+

joshmcintyre authored on 15/05/2017 20:56:47
January 6, 2017
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Add option to select units (km or mi) in the GUI

joshmcintyre authored on 06/01/2017 02:48:49
January 5, 2017
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Correct build instructions in

joshmcintyre authored on 05/01/2017 23:53:35
January 4, 2017
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Correct bug that caused distance calculation to infinitely fail if the last location can't be determined on tracking start

joshmcintyre authored on 04/01/2017 01:55:10
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Add current location text view so the user can monitor their GPS connection

joshmcintyre authored on 04/01/2017 01:36:32
January 3, 2017
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Initial release

joshmcintyre authored on 03/01/2017 02:24:25