December 5, 2018
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Add additional progressions to bodyweight movement update

joshmcintyre authored on 05/12/2018 20:52:14
View f868d89

Add new progressions to bodyweight movements

joshmcintyre authored on 05/12/2018 20:23:35
October 19, 2018
View 7fa7b17

Add helper function that returns the db.collection object in a variable so we can avoid duplicating code for each collection.

joshmcintyre authored on 19/10/2018 23:04:04
October 18, 2018
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Add some new data to program templates

joshmcintyre authored on 18/10/2018 23:56:41
May 16, 2018
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Update client to render program/template/movement information for the new data model

joshmcintyre authored on 16/05/2018 01:45:08
May 15, 2018
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Indent JSON output so it's easier to read when fetched via command line or written to file. It does not work in a browser yet

joshmcintyre authored on 15/05/2018 00:17:04
April 4, 2018
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Update collection URLs in to reflect change to API removing underscore case collection names

joshmcintyre authored on 04/04/2018 00:39:48
View 5b97e74

Remove underscores from collection URLs so that no mapping is needed in clients

joshmcintyre authored on 04/04/2018 00:37:47
March 31, 2018
View 68a5e3e

Completely revamp the training information dataset to be more descriptive/informative. Rather than providing a very general database of programs and templates, the data now informs the user how to apply/contruct a training program and what types of movement variations/progressions are available. This update changes the collections to include Premade Programs, Program Templates, Freeweight Movements, and Bodyweight Movements.

joshmcintyre authored on 31/03/2018 19:37:40
March 25, 2018
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Update user creation script to use the new createUser function instead of the deprecated addUser

joshmcintyre authored on 25/03/2018 15:49:46
October 25, 2017
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Remove clientConfig.js from repo and add to .gitignore

Josh McIntyre authored on 25/10/2017 01:22:31
View e1bed57

Improve documentation for cleaner whitespace and remove unnecessary method signature information

Josh McIntyre authored on 25/10/2017 01:17:42
October 6, 2017
View aa3fb57

Update clientConfig files to use the protocol of the referring page to avoid mixed-content blocks in modern browsers

Josh McIntyre authored on 06/10/2017 03:33:23
View 9d02a5a

Improve documentation for cleaner whitespace

Josh McIntyre authored on 06/10/2017 03:27:47
December 24, 2016
View 4c4c759

Fix extraneous workouts key bug when retrieving program keys at the root URL

joshmcintyre authored on 24/12/2016 22:30:00